With South Africa's multitude of cultures and languages, it's understandable that planning a move there, not to mention adapting to its massive melting pot of cultures, can seem overwhelming for prospective expats. To make moving to South Africa easier, there are a number of good local and international relocation companies that can assist expats with their move.

Relocation companies offer services such as pre-departure orientation, neighbourhood orientation, home-finding services, pet relocation and house content relocation.

Below is a list of some of the most well-known relocation companies that offer services in South Africa.

Relocation companies in South Africa

Local companies


Wise Move

All moving companies Cape Town has to offer on one platform - Wisemove. It connects the quickest and best-rated furniture movers in Cape Town and South Africa with the clients who need their services the most. The moving companies they work with are vetted removals professionals, who can help with your move, whether moving a small item within South Africa, or a house move across the world. Their prices are transparent and competitive. 

Website: www.wisemove.co.za/cape-town

Relocation Africa

Relocation Africa

Relocation Africa provides expats with seamless professional immigration and destination services. They align their innovations and services to support clients with specific requirements. Their services include family assistance, preparation before travelling, property and education services and settling-in services.

Website: www.relocationafrica.com


Stuttaford Van Lines

Stuttaford Van Lines has provided international relocation services to their customers for over 150 years, helping expats move and relocate to any destination across the globe. Their mobility service model combines resources, experience and proactive management solutions with a portfolio of services that cater to the entire global assignment and international relocation process.

Website: www.stuttafordvanlines.co.za

International companies



Sanelo specialises in providing customised end-to-end moving services to South Africa. Their experts are available 24/7 to make sure things go to plan and to ensure that their clients are fully supported during the process. Clients get five-star protection and coverage, first-rate packing, and expert guidance on immigration and custom clearance all through a single point of contact.

Website: www.sanelo.com

crown relocation company

Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations provides transportation, destination and immigration services, as well as family support, to assist people relocating internationally. With experts working in South Africa, they provide the support, guidance, care and personal attention needed to ensure a successful and seamless move for you and your family. They'll organise everything from school search, housing, security and immigration paperwork.

Website: www.crownrelo.com

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Relocation

Santa Fe Relocation offers a full spectrum of relocation services for both corporate relocations and personal move customers. They are a global firm that can manage any move to South Africa, and services include home search, school search, moving services and pet relocation. 

Website: www.santaferelo.com



SIRVA is a leading international relocation company, providing the full suite of international relocation services for employee relocation globally, nationally and regionally. It counts many of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies as clients and also assists smaller companies with all they require during their employee relocation process. 

Website: www.sirva.com

Expat Health Insurance

Cigna Health Insurance -

Cigna Global Health Insurance

With Cigna, you won't have to rely on foreign public health care systems, which may not meet your needs. Cigna allows you to speak to a doctor on demand, for consultations or instant advice, wherever you are in the world. They also offer full cancer care across all levels of cover, and settle the cost of treatments directly with the provider. Cigna is currently offering a 10% discount for seniors (over 60) on their Silver package.

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Moving Companies

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