As is the case with any city, there are both perks and pitfalls of living in Dublin. Expats thinking of moving to the Emerald Isle would do well to arm themselves with all the facts before relocating to avoid any unexpected catches, snags or disappointments. A good start would be to check out our pros and cons of living in Dublin below. 

Culture in Dublin 

+ PRO: Lots to do

From pubs and bars to museums and cultural gems, expats are sure to find plenty to see and do in Dublin. Exploring Dublin's pub scene is a great way to meet locals, while culture lovers are bound to fall in love with Dublin's rich history.

- CON: Early closing times

Expats may be surprised to find that, despite Dublin's lively social scene, pubs tend to close around midnight, and public transport at any point after 11.30pm is a rarity. 

Accommodation in Dublin

- CON: Expensive accommodation

Although there is much to enjoy about living in Dublin, the often breathtaking cost of accommodation is certainly one of the city's downsides. Rental prices in Dublin are frequently higher than those in other European capitals and expats will find they'll have to part with a healthy portion of their salary to afford an apartment or townhouse. 

Education in Dublin

+ PRO: Free education

Irish schools are free to attend for locals and expats alike, and the country's education system is considered to be of exceptional quality.

+ PRO: Teaching is in English

Unlike in many other popular expat destinations, Ireland is an English-speaking country and therefore, with very few exceptions, public education is completely in English. This limits the need to shell out for the high fees of an international school. 

Weather in Dublin

- CON: Constant rain

In all likelihood, expats are bound to get fed up with Dublin's famously wet climate at some point, and expats from warmer climes are particularly likely to yearn for a bit of sunshine. 

+ PRO: Beautiful countryside

Nourished by the rain, Ireland's lush green countryside is the reason the country is known as the Emerald Isle. When the constant downpour gets to be too much, this thought can be a consolation for expats wishing the rain away.

+ PRO: Proximity to warmer climates

Those expats who do get a bit frazzled with the near constant drizzle in Dublin often opt to spend a few weeks of the particularly wet winters in warmer locales; Spain is especially popular among the Irish. Ireland's relative proximity to warmer European countries makes the option of a warm holiday exceedingly accessible.

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