Accommodation in Dublin

Finding reasonably priced accommodation in Dublin is no easy task. Rental costs continue to rise as the city's real estate market struggles with high demand and limited supply. still more expensive than in many other European cities. Partly driven by an undersupply of available apartments, prices have started to rise again as the economy recovers. 

Types of accommodation in Dublin

Expats should not expect available properties in Dublin to be the villas and luxury condos typical of more exotic locations. Instead, the most common types of housing are apartments and semi-detached rowhouses.

Dublin is divided into areas referred to as zones, which are included in all addresses. Generally, the lower the number of a zone, the closer it is to the city centre. Higher numbers tend to be in suburbs on the city outskirts. The city is further divided into north and south by the River Liffey. Zones to the north of the river are odd numbers, while even-numbered zones are to the south. 

As in most cities, some areas in Dublin are more expensive than others. South Dublin is more expensive than the north, while the city centre mostly offers upmarket apartments and rowhouse options. 

Finding accommodation in Dublin

Apartment and housing agencies are the easiest way to find accommodation in Dublin but, unlike many other countries, the rental agencies in Dublin often bill the renter rather than the property owner. The equivalent of one month's rent is usually the accepted fee.

Expats who prefer the DIY route can try their luck with online property portals and listings in local newspapers.

Renting property in Dublin

Expats in Dublin will find that they are able to choose between fixed-term and periodic tenancy in most apartments. This will be helpful to expats who are unable to commit to a full year's lease in the city. A rental deposit of between one and three month's rent is usually expected by landlords.

Utilities are generally not included in the monthly rental and expats should expect to receive a monthly utility bill.

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