There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for settling into expat life in a new country, but here are a few helpful articles and personal stories that may help make your move a little easier.

Nathalie Willis-Davis, Founder and Managing Director of Tendoria Educational Consultants, shares some of her top tips for finding the right international school for your children in Portugal and Spain. Check our Educational Consultants in Spain page for more on Tendoria's… Read more
Looking to get away from the hectic corporate life in France, Chris and his family moved to sunny Málaga to enjoy the relaxed work-life balance in Spain and take advantage of the excellent yet low-cost quality of life in the city. As this is his third expat experience, Chris has adapted to the ups… Read more
Stuart Fahy has travelled to many countries around the world. He moved to live in Spain in 2017, which was initially an on-and-off experience until it became more permanent towards the end of 2020. Now he lives in Santander on the north coast, working mainly as an English teacher alongside writing… Read more
By Olga Khobotko Expats moving to Spain will need to obtain a town hall registration, known as an Empadronamiento, upon arrival. This documentation is required in the legal procedures used by most formal Spanish institutions. Specifically, the Empadronamiento entitles… Read more
An NIE number is a "Número de Identificación de Exrenajeros", i.e. a "foreigner's tax identification number" in Spain. Expats moving to Spain need an NIE number to work in Spain, take out private Spanish health insurance and apply for Spanish state health coverage. You'll also need it… Read more
Chris, a British expat living in Spain, spoke to Expat Arrivals about his experience. He's a father of three and an avid golfer. He likes to keep fit, although wine tasting can vie for his attention! Chris provides financial planning solutions for the international community of Spain, among… Read more
So you’ve decided the time has come for you to realise your dream of moving to Spain and building your own home – congratulations, that’s very exciting news! But before you pack your bags and board the plane, you need to know the ins and outs of how to go about your new housing project. You’… Read more
Cat is a Chicago girl who's lived in Southern Spain since 2007. Two kids, five jobs and a mortgage later, Seville has become her home. Cat shares her story and tips for expats moving to Spain on her blog Sunshine and Siestas, and she can also be found on her social media (@… Read more
Linda is a 28-year-old Dutch woman who moved to Spain almost seven years ago. In the meantime she’s moved twice and gotten married to the Spaniard for whom she moved to the country in the first place. Though this country will never stop surprising her (both positively and negatively), she… Read more
Bureaucracy is a major problem in Spain, particularly in Catalonia, and it has long been a thorn in the side of expats trying to build a life here. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks to avoid head and heartache. The red tape that expats have to navigate to obtain official… Read more
Molly has lived in Spain since 1998 – first in Barcelona, and now in Granada where she is welcomed as a local. In this interview, Molly shares her experiences of living in Andalusia and what she feels expats need to consider before moving here. Her website and social media channels (@piccavey… Read more
Gabriella Liversage is a photographer, content creator, social media manager and a self-love and body-confidence advocate. The job title she has created for herself is Creative Entrepreneur. Check out her Youtube channel and GabriellaKimStore, and keep up to date with Gabriella by following… Read more
After growing bored with her life in England, Kate Boyle left to work as a TEFL teacher in Madrid, Spain. Years later, she returned with a wealth of experiences under her belt. In her debut novel, Happy as a Partridge: Life and Love in Madrid, Kate shares her adventures. Happy as a… Read more
Lottie is a British expat living in the southern Spanish town of Alcala La Real with her husband, Pete. Seasoned expats, they spent a few years in Jakarta, Indonesia, before making the move to Spain. They now run a guest house, Atelier88, and offer art classes in the beautiful surroundings of their… Read more
Spain is known for its incredible beauty, constantly attracting tourists and expats from all over the world. For a break from the popular tourist hotspots, the places below are waiting to be explored, showcasing the rich and varied history of Spain.  Places to see in Spain Segovia Located… Read more
Jacqui Evans relocated to Spain with her family in 2004. Having lived there for most of her childhood, she has a well-rounded knowledge of Spanish life and culture. She shares her advice on making friends, sending children to schools and healthcare in Spain.  About Jacqui Q: Where are… Read more
Maria Balear moved from England to Spain almost 30 years ago and now lives on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, which is very popular among holidaymakers and expats alike.  Maria runs a real estate business ( and says the best way to meet people in your new… Read more
Robin Wheeler and his wife moved from the UK to the Spanish coastal town of Moraira. Once a fishing village, it's now an upmarket tourist town and the Wheelers are running a successful pub. Robin says they found the move easy and straightforward - and reckons the best way to meeting people in… Read more
Sara Wilson is an American expat living in Altea, a picturesque town on the Costa Blanca. After leaving New York City in 2009, her and her Spanish husband have been enjoying the quiet life, temperate weather and natural beauty along the Spanish Coast. She currently runs Alte Arte, a mojito and art… Read more
Anna is a Russian expat who moved to Spain’s south eastern city of Alicante for an internship. Anna enjoyed the small-town feel of Alicante and the friendliness of the locals, who would invite her to eat tapas and enjoyed a good party. However, Anna found that it was essential to learn Spanish in… Read more
Lisa Sadleir is a British expat who has been living in Spain for the past 20 years. She lives just outside Mijas Pueblo, in the Malaga province, with her husband and two children, who were both born in Spain. Lisa now considers Spain to be her home country, and runs a number of websites about life… Read more
Rachel Harris is an English Teacher from Plymouth, England now living in Zaragoza, Spain. Rachel has also also lived in London, the USA, Japan, and South Korea. She teaches at a University in Zaragoza and is also a freelance journalist. She's been living in Zaragoza for six years now with her… Read more
For many aspiring expats and émigrés, buying a property in Spain represents a dream that will provide them with either the perfect holiday home or a new life in a country justifiably famous for its superb quality of life. After all, what could be better than living in a country with a wonderfully… Read more
Erik Rasmussen is originally from North Carolina, USA. He moved to England in December 2001, and lived and worked there for three and a half years. He then moved to northern Spain in June 2005, and quickly adjusted to the lifestyle. In March 2009, his daughter, Nora, was born. Erik… Read more
John Kramer travelled extensively before settling in Southern Spain over twelve years ago. Tri-lingual and with a background in IT, he now works for Spain Holiday which provides rental solutions across Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands.   Read more about expat life in… Read more
Justin Aldrige is living the dream. He decided to beat the system, bring his family down to the Spanish coast, work for himself and learn a little about what life is supposed to be like. Read more about expat life in Expat Arrival's guide to Spain or read more expat experiences in Spain. About… Read more
Juan Liria followed his family and returned to his roots on the Iberian Peninsula a little over ten years ago. He's currently enrolled at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and perfectly positioned as a young person to shed some light on the Spanish side of life. Read more about expat life… Read more

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