When considering a move to a new city, there is nothing more useful than hearing real-life stories and experiences from other expats who have lived there. We'd love to hear about your expat experiences. Please contact us if you live or have lived in Indonesia and want to share your story.

Meilisa was born in Indonesia but has spent most of her life living abroad, most recently in Canada. Her husband was recently transferred to Jakarta, and she and their son joined him. She says the key to settling into a new country is making friends as quickly as possible – and the best way to do that is to join the expat community. Read about her expat experiences in Jakarta.
Cassandra is a Singaporean expat who moved to Jakarta with her Canadian husband and son when he was offered a new position there. Cassandra has had to make several adjustments following her move to Indonesia, not least of which was quitting her job in advertising to become a stay-at-home mom. Read about her expat experiences in Indonesia.Cassandra - a Singaporean expat living in Indonesia
Lidia is a Spanish expat who grew up in Sweden and now lives in Indonesia. She moved to Jakarta for an internship position at the Swedish Embassy and enjoyed her expat experience in Indonesia so much that she decided to stay on after the initial six-month contract ended. Read about her expat life in Jakarta.Lidia - An expat living in Indonesia
Jennifer is an American expat living in Indonesia with her husband and daughter. They moved to Bogor on the island of Java when Jennifer was offered a position to teach English at a school in the city. Read more about her expat life in Indonesia.Jennifer - An American expat living in Indonesia
Sarah and John from the D family are Australian expats living in Indonesia. They moved to Jakarta with their 10-year-old daughter, Miss D, when John was transferred there with his company. Although they miss their friends and family back home, they enjoy keeping them informed about their life in Jakarta on their blog. Read more about their expat experiences in Indonesia.The D Family - Australian expats living in Indonesia
Bruce is a retired American expat living in Bali. He moved to Indonesia in search of something different and has now been living on the island for more than 20 years. Although he misses Chicago hot dogs and baseball, he enjoys the quality of life in Bali and encourages other expats to fully integrate themselves into the local community. Read more about his expat life in Bali.Bruce - cyberbali - an expat living in Bali
Lottie is a British expat currently living in Jakarta with her husband. However much reading and research one might do, Lottie says there is nothing that can adequately prepare you for the massive siege on your senses when first moving to Jakarta. Here she tells us about her expat experience of culture shock in Indonesia.Lottie Nevin - A British expat in Indonesia
Britt is a Dutch expat who moved to Indonesia to join her Indonesian husband. Six months later, she still loves Jakarta's food, climate and dynamic culture. Britt has a number of blogs about living in Indonesia for tourists and expats. Read about her expat experience in Indonesia.Britt - A Dutch expat living in Indonesia
Originally from New Delhi, Nidhi is an Indian expat living in Jakarta with her husband and enjoying a new phase of life. After a few initial challenges, she is now very well settled in Indonesia and looking forward to new avenues as life unfolds. Read about her expat experience in Indonesia.Nidhi – an Indian expat living in Indonesia

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