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7 benefits of hiring a relocation company for your move to Dubai

Updated 29 Nov 2022

While relocating to Dubai can be a wonderful experience full of pleasant surprises and exciting times, it can also present many challenges and obstacles, so it can be wise to engage the services of a relocation company.

A good relocation company like Helpxpat, with its local knowledge and expert staff, can guide new arrivals through the labyrinth of bureaucracy, which can be especially daunting for expats who don’t speak the local language.

Helpxpat is an established relocation company based in Dubai. They have helped many corporations and expats with their move to Dubai and other nearby emirates and countries, like Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman.

These are some of the areas where a good relocation company like Helpxpat can help make your move seamless and hassle-free.

1. Residence visa compliance services

Regardless of where an expat is from, all foreigners are required to have a residence visa in Dubai for work purposes. While it may seem that these tasks are straightforward to complete, they can often take many months because national laws are very often interpreted locally in Dubai.

The relocation company will be able to advise expats in advance of the documents that they will need to present to complete each step. Depending on which services are purchased, they may also accompany expats in person to the relevant offices. This type of assistance can be priceless, especially if there are linguistic challenges.

2. Home search assistance

Based on an expat’s budget and various other criteria, a relocation company can also assist them in finding suitable accommodation. They will know the best realtors in the market to reach out to.

Make sure that if the relocation company only works with pre-selected vendors, they nevertheless have a strategy in place to offer the best, most impartial home search possible. Also, if the relocation companies’ preferred realtors work with a network of other realtors, expats should ensure they have a clear understanding of how quality is assured and who is responsible for monitoring all the relevant parties.

As part of the home search service, a relocation company should also take care of the lease negotiation. Once the contract has been finalised, they should provide an English synopsis of the lease, explaining the main clauses in detail.

3. Home check-in services

Relocation companies will typically provide a detailed check-in (property inventory) as part of the home search programme, and it is highly advisable to also purchase this service.

The inventory form should outline very carefully the state of the property and its contents at the time of moving in. This will need to be signed by the tenant, landlord and the representative of the relocation company. The relocation company will also need to take photos, photos, and more photos to document the state of the property when someone moves in.

If the inventory form is flimsy and the photos taken can be counted on one hand, prepare for potential issues when moving out. Without concrete proof of the property's condition and contents at the time of moving in, it can be extremely difficult to dispute any damage claims made by the landlord at the end of the lease.

4. Assistance with utility set-up

If the service of setting up utilities is not included in an expat’s hired relocation company’s home-search programme, it is advised to consider purchasing it as an add-on. Setting up utilities in Dubai, especially without a good command of Arabic, can be very challenging, to say the least.

When expats try to go it alone, they usually sign up for services they never requested and frequently have great difficulties in trying to cancel such services. Very often, the garbage tax, which is very important in Dubai, either gets set up incorrectly or not at all – to sort this out later on is very labour and time-intensive.

5. Orientation and neighbourhood tours

Relocation companies will typically offer an orientation tour, which is normally done before the start of the home search. This allows expats to get a feel for the city and its various neighbourhoods, which is useful when trying to understand the distance between important locations such as work, home and school.

Once an expat has chosen and moved into their new home, a neighbourhood tour can be very useful. In such a tour, the relocation company will show new arrivals where they can find essentials such as the supermarket, post office, and any other required services.

6. Help with school search and ancillary services

Should an expat need a school for their children, the relocation company will be able to provide assistance with international schools. Pre-school services can also be sourced if needed.

The relocation company can usually also assist with driving licence exchange, language courses, car importation, and in some cases, even removal services.

7. Assistance with culture shock

Expats moving from Western countries are in for a culture shock, but relocation companies are adaptable to each individual’s needs. When expats relocate for work, their employers will have their own policy approach to cultural training, so relocation services are designed to meet them. Employers can get in touch with relocation companies to let them know of their needs and where their employees are headed, and the company will put together a plan to help them thrive in their new location.

This can include intercultural training lessons from approved and experienced providers, which can help employees understand their new country and colleagues. Repatriation training is also available when expat employees return to their home country.

Don’t let low-cost become high-cost

Opting for a cheap or ‘light’ arrival programme to cut costs can seem tempting, but it may end up costing a person dearly. In a place like Dubai, where legal battles are expensive and can continue for decades, we advise expats to make sure that their check-in is top-notch and doesn’t leave them vulnerable when they check out.

Relocation agencies in the UAE

HelpxpatHelpXpat is an award-winning relocations company based in the UAE with offices in various countries in the Middle East. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive service, which includes the following:

  • Initial exploratory trips and city orientation to scope out your ideal location
  • Home-finding services, including previewing properties on your behalf
  • School searches to find the perfect school for your little ones

We’ll even organise utilities in readiness for your move and deal with all the red tape and paperwork, including immigration and visas, so you don’t have to.

We will ensure your relocation process goes smoothly, from flight bookings and airport transfers to helping with temporary accommodation, attestation, visa and settling-in services. Our unique tried-and-tested approach is proven to deliver, providing much more than just a relocation service.

HelpXpat is your one-stop shop for everything related to relocation. They will hold your hand every step of the way, connecting you with a dedicated consultant to act as your one point of contact throughout the process to ensure a streamlined and stress-free move for you and your family.

Relocating without any assistance and help can quickly evolve into a matter of frustration, confusion and surrender – our expert expat team is ready to get your relocation going, so why not jump-start your move abroad and contact us today? It's best to start early!

– Ms Simi Sujith, Client Relationship Manager 
+971 525026611/ +971 528102947 
Office number: +971 43573269

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