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7 considerations for choosing a school during the Covid-19 health crisis

Updated 11 Mar 2021

A child’s health and well-being are a parent's main concerns – and schools should be making these top priorities too. While Singapore has been able to open up most activities and places, the way schools function with safe distancing restrictions and other precautions is of course different from the way things were before. These changes require a rethink of a parent's approach to finding a new school for their child.

We’ve compiled a list of seven essential topics parents should consider when choosing a school in Singapore during these dynamic pandemic times.

1. How are classes being conducted?

Is the school following the protocols laid out by the government? How are classroom and co-curricular activities proceeding with safe distancing measures? Are masks and face shields mandatory? How does all this affect learning?

2. Is sanitisation a priority?

What sanitisation measures are in place? Is cleanliness a top priority? Schools should have surfaces professionally cleaned and sanitised often. Off-days should be devoted to deep cleaning.

3. Does the curriculum prepare students for international studies?

Does the school offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme that’s accepted internationally? If so, students will be better prepared to attend colleges anywhere in the world. What is the focus in early years and primary? Will your child benefit from a play-based approach in early childhood and an inquiry-based approach in primary school?

4. Is classwork designed to engage and motivate students?

How is the curriculum designed? Does it promote inquiry and exploration among students? Does it allow students to play active roles in their studies or does it lean more toward rote memorisation and standardised testing?

5. Are teachers experienced and highly rated?

What about the teachers at the school you’re considering? Are they experienced enough and well enough trained? Are they required to update their teaching credentials regularly?

6. Does the school have the right facilities for your child’s interests?

What are the facilities for different classes? If your child loves outdoor play, sports, art, drama and music, does the school give them an outlet to explore these interests within school hours? Are the labs and library well equipped? How does the school leverage technology to aid the learning curve?

7. How does the school help a new child to settle in?

Does the school offer something like a buddy system to help students get used to the new environment? What are the school’s core values and does it support children who come in from other countries? Will the school provide updates to parents and keep in touch with your family after enrolment?

By thinking along the lines of these seven broad themes and digging as deeply as required to discover accurate answers, you’ll be better prepared to choose a school that offers your child an excellent education.

At One World International School (OWIS), we offer the internationally recognised IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme), the Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma programme for our students. Additionally, we focus on student-led learning, so our students are actively engaged and enthusiastic. As a result, they gain real value from the material covered.

Our student community represents over 70 nationalities and our highly qualified and passionate team of teachers come from all over the world. We inculcate the values of kindness and respecting diversity in our students in order for them to appreciate other perspectives, creatively solve problems, and ultimately view themselves as global citizens. Moreover, during the Covid-19 pandemic, OWIS gives top priority to cleaning and sanitisation methods at our school. We are constantly updating our hygiene protocol in keeping with the directives from the Committee for Private Education and Ministry of Health, Singapore.

We strive to keep our children and staff safe, and we’re dedicated to finding new ways of improving the OWIS experience for our students and our families. Visit us online today or schedule a virtual tour to learn more.

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