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How savings on international school tuition can benefit your family during the Covid-19 pandemic

Updated 21 Apr 2021

One World International School SingaporeExpat families are often startled by the high tuition fees charged by international schools the world over, but after a bit of research they soon realise how much their children stand to gain from enrolling at one of these schools. After considering the multicultural student bodies, internationally-recognised curricula and state-of-the-art facilities at international schools, parents begin to see tuition fees as valuable investments in their children’s education.

While this may be true, it's also important to realise that price isn't everything when it comes to a school. Relocating families should be aware that there are moderately priced international schools that frequently offer the same value and experience as their pricey counterparts. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and financial uncertainty, many families find that international schools with reasonable fees offer the perfect balance for their families.

There are a few factors that relocating families should consider when choosing an international school in the Covid-19 era, including:

Tuition fees at international schools worldwide may vary by location

There are international schools located all over the world, and the tuition fees for those schools may vary based on the cost of living in that community. For instance, international schools often require higher tuition fees if they are located in major cities such as New York City, Zurich, Shanghai or Beijing. In fact, a recent study found that some of the most expensive international schools in the world are located in Asia. It is important for parents who are relocating to destinations in Asia, such as Singapore, to know that despite the general trend of high fees in the area, there are also moderately-priced options available when it comes to international schools.

Many international schools offer an excellent education regardless of cost

In most cases, the significant difference between higher-priced schools and a moderately priced school such as One World International School (OWIS) is simply the cost, and not necessarily the quality of education. Even though one school may have lower fees than the other, it still offers students an opportunity to learn with their peers in a multicultural student body and benefit from a values-driven curriculum programme.

Different factors can influence the tuition costs at an international school

Here are a few of the factors that may influence the cost of tuition at the international schools you are considering.

Pricing structure

Each school will have a different pricing structure, and that structure will determine how tuition fees are allocated. The pricing structure will have a significant impact on the total cost of tuition. When parents opt for an international school that uses its tuition fees efficiently, expat children can receive the finest education for a moderate price.

Campus amenities

Some schools prioritise facility renovations, new school buildings and luxury amenities. While these may be appealing to some families, they can also significantly increase the school’s overall fees.

Course and activity options

When schools offer dozens of different courses, they also have to staff those classes. By streamlining the course options to give students the choices they need, international schools like OWIS can provide a similar experience for a lower cost.

The structure of a school can allow for an educational experience of better value

When comparing the costs between schools, it's imperative to consider the pricing structure of each school. When a school is part of a partnership or larger organisation, they can often share administrative resources. Selecting a school that strategically invests its tuition fees and efficiently utilises its resources will allow expat children to enjoy an interactive and engaging educational experience at an affordable price.

Benefits of tuition savings during the Covid-19 pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, many people assumed that the crisis would be averted within a few weeks or a few months at most. However, the extended timeframe of this crisis has increased economic uncertainty for people around the world. For families relocating during these unprecedented times, it is vital to understand the various costs that are associated with international education. In addition to selecting a school that offers moderate tuition fees, expats will also want to find an educational facility that is the right fit in terms of values, culture, curriculum and facilities.

One World International School offers a valuable experience at a moderate price point. For more information about the experience that your child could enjoy at our school, schedule a virtual tour today.

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