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Posted by Jamester
on 28 Jan 2020

Hi folks,

I am thinking about nomading in either Czechia or Slovakia. I already have a Germany-based nomad bank account, but I'm having trouble signing up for things such as cellular service where they want top-ups to be done ONLY using either bank account based in Czechia/Slovakia, or a Mastercard/Eurocard issued in Czechia/Slovakia.

I am assuming that bank accounts in Czechia/Slovakia would be tough to get without a Czechia/Slovakia I.D?  In the U.S. (where I'm from), you can buy a prepaid/reloadable Mastercard at the supermarket. Do such things exist in Czechia/Slovakia? 

For those of you already in either countries, would you mind enlightening me of that option, OR do you think it's easier to just open a bank account there? Would they open an account only using a US passport?

Thanks so much in advance!


StevenVoortman on 6 Feb 2020 - 09:24

Hi Jim,

The Czech Republic and Slovakia are separate countries, and therefore may have different banking laws. It's not too challenging for non-resident expats who intend to stay in the Czech Republic to open a bank account, all they need is their passport and one other form of identification. Some banks might also ask for proof of address in the Czech Republic. There will be a small deposit that is additionally needed. Perhaps you can draw cash from one of the ATMs to use at the local supermarkets for these type of transactions instead?

Our page on banking, money and taxes in the Czech Republic may help you further.

Hope this helps!


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