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Posted by Jerryg
on 21 Mar 2017
Hello. My wife and I are planning on moving from North Carolina (US) to Malta before years end for a complete change of scenery. We are committed to living for one year in Malta and based on how it goes re-upping for another year after that. Im 60 my wife is 57. We would be willing to spend up to 1,200 Euros a month on rent for a furnished apartment or similar. We do not want to buy a car - just trying to keep it simple and would like for most necessary things to be within walking or short bus ride distance (grocery stores, restaurants etc). I have read Sliema is a typical destination for Expats. I would really appreciate hearing any Expat thoughts good or bad on a place/location to reside for a year to allow for a good feel of Malta and also Gozo. Our feeling is one year will give us plenty of time to decide where we would like to reside with more permanency for year two if we stay. Thanks. Jerry
Jerryg on 4 May 2017 - 19:00
Hello Debra, We're actually going to Malta May7-14 for a look see to include Gozo as well as Malta. Will be meeting with a tax firm and will also meet with a real estate company (Frank Salt?) before we leave. Just want to see as much as we can up close and personal. Flying Raleigh NC to Heathrow to Malta. What state do you live in?
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 May 2017 - 15:47
Hello Jerry, We live in Moyock ,NC. We are preparing our home for sale . As soon as it has a contract and closes we will head to Malta. We plan to rent short term in Sliema St Julian area while we explore Malta and Gozo. Although Gozo seems to have fabulous Farm homes with pools for great long let prices, I believe it is too remote for us. Frank Salt seems to have wonderful properties. We only want to lease, as our retirement might take us to other countries. My husband spent quite abit of time in Sliema years ago and loved it, so it was an easy choice in Europe. We are still searching for international health insurance IMG gave us the best quote to date. We also have made contact with Remax for long lets . I had hoped to ship my convertible 350z but the registration fee is over 7500 euros, so it's a non starter. We would love to hear about your trip! Please share your tips and findings. When do you plan on moving? Talk soon Debra
DebraMaddux on 4 May 2017 - 14:35
Jerry, My husband and I could have written your forum Question. Wondering how you are progressing?
DebraMaddux on 6 May 2017 - 00:25
Hello Jerry, We are preparing our home to put on the market. As soon as it sells we are on our way to Malta. My husband spent time in Sliema years ago so it was an easy choice for our retirement. We love the farmhouse offerings with pools in Gozo, but feel Gozo might be too remote for us. We want to be able to walk to coffee shops, cafes and do our market shopping close to our rental. Frank Salt does seem to have a great selection of long lets. We have made contact with ReMax as well. We are planning to get a short let for a few weeks while we decide on a long let in Sliema or St Julian's . We are still getting quotes on health insurance. I had hoped to import my convertible but the registration fee of 7500 Euro has sidelined this plan. I hope to hear about your trip and hopefully you will share your findings. Have fun and take lots of photos! We live in Moyock NC Debra
Jerryg on 29 May 2017 - 21:11
Hello Debra. Had a very nice look see. Weather was warm and blue skies. If you send me an email address I can send you some images. Spent the first night and day in Valletta. Liked that most everything was close by, main bus terminal right there with good regular service as we rode it around some. I know you mentioned Sliema/St. Julian as a possible destination. We spent 3 nights in the area and found it very congested and populated. We were more located in the St. Julians area and from a coffee shop counted 7 constr. cranes dotting the sky. Wasn't our thing due to a bit too populated but it was clean and vibrant. We spent a full day in the 3 Cities area across the harbor from Valletta. They are like 3 fingers that poke out into the harbor with awesome views of the Harbor and Med. The 'middle finger' Vittoriosa was like old Italy with a church anchoring the square with some cafes etc. we found that appealing. Seems like there is a fair bit of rental choice. Spoke with some guy who said don't believe all the realtor listings as they like to bait the hook to make you think there is more available than there really is. Went to Gozo: a nice place to visit but too isolated. Overall we found the Maltese people friendly, English language is 100%, Cops don't carry guns which means it's safer there than here. Since we don't want a car we will definitely be looking in the Valletta and 3 Cities area and are open to other locales that we didn't see. Unless we really feel we hit a homer sight unseen we will probably short term let for a month, two most. My wife and me look forward to buying our one way tickets. Jerry
Anonymous (not verified) on 29 May 2017 - 23:36
Hi Jerry! Thanks for the info. I did notice the cranes and seemed to see those in most photos. My email is and would appreciate any photos or help. One Expat mentioned Marascala is lovely. But I am hesitant getting a place too far away from public transportation. has an active expat community and most happenings are either in Sliema or St Julian's. But I get what you are saying, as I do not think I will like being very close to Paceville. We have an interested buyer for our house, so we shall see if an offer arrives in next few days. Look forward to hearing back from you! Debra

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