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Posted by Derek Kelly
on 12 Jul 2016
How long can I reside in the Ukraine at any one time? I would like to live there permanently. Are there any restrictions? Would I need Ukraine citizenship?
Anonymous (not verified) on 13 Jul 2016 - 19:53
Meagan, thank you so much for the information, I am very grateful. Kind regards Derek
Meagan on 12 Jul 2016 - 15:12
Hi Derek,

What nationality are you? Ukraine has different visa classifications and allowances for various countries so your nationality has a big impact on how long you would be able to stay.

siamakag on 25 Aug 2018 - 12:31

Hi meagan
i want to apply for student immigration of ukraine for russia language course, and i want to get citizenship of ukraine, please tell me how is life in ukraine for me and how much money should i spend monthly for a normal life?
- how many years should i stay in ukraine for citizenship?
- how much money should i spend for college?
and is it true that if i get citizenship of ukrain, i can get canada immigration?!
Best Regard

Derek Kelly on 12 Jul 2016 - 19:32
Hi Meagan I am British, sorry I should have said. I would very much like to live in the Ukraine.
Meagan on 13 Jul 2016 - 08:54
Hi Derek,

Thanks for the info. As a British citizen, you will need to initially apply for an immigration visa, which is valid for one year from the date of entry. Once you're in Ukraine, you'll then need to apply for a Permanent Residence Certificate. There is lots of information on this at the website for the Ukraine embassy in the UK.

For more information on life in Ukraine, you can visit the Expat Arrivals pages on Moving to Ukraine and the Pros and Cons of Living in Ukraine.

Best of luck!

Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Jul 2016 - 08:47
Hi Meagan, I wrote to you a short while ago about emigrating to the Ukraine. I contacted the necessary department and they kindly sent me the Application form. I am also told that I must contact my local office of Ukraine State Migration service for an Immigration permit. I have not been able to locate one in London and I was hoping you could help with an address, Kind regards Derek
Meagan on 22 Jul 2016 - 13:50
Hi Derek,

I think you'll find the information you need at the bottom of this page - address, phone number, etc.

samuelb591 on 9 Jan 2019 - 06:48

What are the requirements for a person from the United States establish permanent residency?

Expatriant_Go_Abroad on 9 Aug 2019 - 14:46

I wanted to clear up some confusion here.  For citizens of most western countries, you can legally stay in Ukraine for 90 days without a visa.  If you would like to stay longer, there are a few options available to you.

The first would be to obtain a 1-year volunteer visa.  This route costs around USD 1000. 

Another, more costly option would be to establish an LLC, and obtain a work permit and temporary residence permit through it.  The residence permit lasts 3 years and is able to be extended indefinitely.  This method costs around USD 5000.

For more details, check out the post below:

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