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How a good international school can ease your child's transition

Updated 30 Jun 2021

OWISRelocating as a family is always challenging, but it's especially tricky when you're uprooting to a foreign country. Even if your company does the heavy lifting when it comes to housing, it's still up to you, as a parent, to find the right international school for your child to attend.

Along with academic and co-scholastic learning, it can help to consider an International Baccalaureate school that supports students and parents in the initial days and throughout the school year. This will help your child settle in easily and give them an excellent start at their new school.

How OWIS supports families in transition

The staff of our international school in Singapore work with new families to help them settle in, whether the transition occurs before the school year or mid-year. Through welcome assemblies, class buddies and regular check-ins, our friendly and caring faculty do their best to ease your child into the new school life as well.

Student buddies

We'll assign your child a student buddy with whom they can partner for the first few days of transition. This helps them acclimatise to new surroundings and understand school principles without the discomfort of having to ask an adult.

Welcome assemblies

We hold welcome assemblies at the beginning of every school year, so new students and their families have a better idea of what's expected at OWIS. Our Head of School and senior coordinators work hard to orient students to important policies and expectations and to help them gain a bigger picture of what the new school year will hold.

Relaxed class schedules for new students

At the beginning of every year, we relax our class schedules to accommodate new students. This allows them to jump into group projects at the beginning and allows time for them to get to know their teachers and make friends with other students without the pressure of feeling like they're behind or that they've missed out on important work.

Our instruction is mostly student led, which means your child can ease into the learning journey, wherever they are knowledge-wise, and build from there. We track each child’s progress, instead of just results, and this allows all students to grow together and master topics in their own time and their own way.

Regular check-ins

We'll check in with both you and your child throughout the school year to make sure things are going well. Our educators are seasoned professionals, and many know what it feels like to transition mid-year. As a result, they're especially tuned in to children who may be struggling.

Pastoral care programme

We provide a pastoral care programme for secondary students, where form tutors lend an ear to students’ concerns. This daily interaction is a great way for students to discuss anything that may be bothering them and help them to focus on their well-being through Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education and wellness-related activities.

A focus on kindness and diversity

At One World International School, we take pride in our diverse, multicultural school environment, and we encourage students to practise kindness and acceptance in all things. This is hugely beneficial for students who have just transferred from another school or another country, and it helps cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance.

We at OWIS are there for you from the first moment of inquiry. We'll guide you through the admissions process and help your child settle into the new environment and feel a sense of belonging. Parents can be reassured that our faculty and staff will be there to support you and your child from the very beginning.

Contact OWIS today for more information

To learn more about One World International School in Singapore, where we offer International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), Cambridge IGCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP) pathways and holistic learning, contact us for admission information or schedule a virtual tour. We'll be here to help you and your student make an easy transition, right from day one.

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