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Updated 12 Jul 2018

A guide to the world's best international schools

Finding the right school is one of the primary concerns for families when moving to a new city. Our guides aim to provide parents with reliable and impartial information on the best international schools around the world. These guides include reviews on international and local schools, as well as comprehensive information on nurseries and kindergartens. With advice on the school system and the application process, along with reviews from parents and local educational professionals, these PDFs are a must read for expats moving to a new city with children.

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Twelve cities are covered to date, with more in the pipeline: 

Articles on education and schools

Considering homeschooling when living abroad

Home education is a sometimes-overlooked option that addresses a number of the unique issues expat families face.

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How to choose the right international school curriculum

Andrew Wigford discusses the differences of international schools and schools following other countries' curricula.

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International or local school?

Should you send your child to a local or international school?

Aneil Fatania offers some insights into the pros and cons of local and international schools.

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Open up possibilities with Singapore international school scholarships

Many parents are shocked by the high tuition costs associated with international schools in Singapore. Still, it’s important to remember that there are resources available to help make an excellent education more attainable.

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One World International School

Tips on keeping traditions alive for expat children

While moving to a new country is a fantastic opportunity to have new cultural experiences, it's natural for parents to want to find ways to teach children about their roots as well. One World International School offers tips on striking a balance between the old and the new.

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NIS Jakarta

How curiosity fuels learning in expat children

Niki Meehan shares five top tips for expat parents to feed their children’s curiosity. 

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One World International School

What does it mean to be internationally minded in Singapore?

Based in Singapore, One World International School, offers an insightful look into the benefits of international mindedness, especially in the case of children.

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5 common concerns parents have when choosing a school in a new location

Karen Hanratty, Principal of Nord Anglia School Jakarta, offers some advice to expat parents.

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Schools in the UK

Raising kids in the UK

If you are an expat parent living or planning on living in Britain, then the question ‘what about schools?’ will be at the forefront of your thinking and planning.

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Expat parents should consider sending their children to UK boarding schools

Why you should consider British boarding schools

Jennifer Britton from Which British School tells us how expat families can benefit from sending their children to a boarding school in the UK.

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Global Indian International School Singapore

How Global Indian International School is using technology to change the face of teaching

Global Indian International School principal Melissa Maria shares her thoughts on making the best use of technology in education. 

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5 must-have features at international schools in Singapore

Moving to a new country is an overwhelming process for expat families, especially when selecting a school. One World International School advises which features to consider when choosing a school. 

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Expat life in Singapore: the benefits of raising children in the city

As a truly global city, Singapore has lots to offer families, especially those who value multiculturalism. One World International School lays out the many benefits of bringing up children in Singapore.

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Tapping into school and community support for expat families moving to Singapore

Need help settling the family after a move to Singapore? One World International School gives info on the support systems available.

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Parenting tips for expat families moving to Singapore

Parenting can be difficult at the best of times, but moving to a new country puts an entirely new spin on things. One World International School offers advice for families moving to the Lion City.

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Finding an affordable International Baccalaureate school in Singapore

Parents naturally want the best for their children, but premium curricula such as the International Baccalaureate Programme can be prohibitively expensive. Global Indian International School offers an affordable option without compromising quality.

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One World International School

Starting at a new school: how a kind school can help your child settle in

Moving to a new country is stressful not just for adults but children too. One World International School in Singapore offers some advice on how choice of school can ease the transition.

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One World International School's flexible approach to affordable education

Learn about how OWIS in Singapore offers excellent international education at a low price.

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Articles about teaching abroad

Koran to denote culture shock in the Middle East

Teaching careers in the Middle East

The Middle East has grown into the leading region in the world for international schools. As a result it is now attracting experienced teachers.

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Teaching in Italy

Teaching English in Italy

Despite the current economic situation in Italy, the need for English doesn't appear to be in decline and English mother tongue teachers are definitely sought after.

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Teaching English in South Korea

A steady stream of English-speaking foreigners make their way to South Korea each year in search of financial, professional and cultural gain. By far the most popular source of income for these expats is English teaching.

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Teaching English in Rural South Korea

One expat's account of taking the road less travelled – teaching English in rural South Korea, away from the bigger, more established expat networks in cities.

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Teaching in Taiwan

Teaching English in Taiwan

Teaching English as a second language is still one of the most popular sources of income for expats living in Taiwan. The opportunities to teach English in the country are varied and abundant.

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Teaching in Japan

Teaching English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan is one of the more popular vocations for foreigners moving to the country. Learn more about job requirements and finding a teaching job.

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Interviews with school principals and education professionals

International schools in India

A professional psychologist with many years of experience in international schools in India offers her insights on the Indian schooling system.

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Asian student - Education and schools in Hong Kong

International schools in Hong Kong

An education specialist gives her insights on the Hong Kong education system and offers advice to expats moving to Hong Kong with children.

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International schools in Shanghai

In this interview, David Goodwin, principal of Brittanica International School Shanghai, gives advice to expat parents about choosing the right international school.

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School kids in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

International schools in Vietnam

The principal of ACG International School, John Burns, offers some insights into international schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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International schooling in Poland

International schools in Dublin

Paul Crute, Headmaster of Nord Anglia International School Dublin, shares advice and handy information about international schooling in Dublin, Ireland.

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How best to spend summer holidays

The Deputy Headteacher at Regent International School in Dubai discusses the best ways for children to utilise their school vacations.

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Articles about schools and schooling

Articles about teaching

Interviews with school principals and education professionals