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Posted by KateD
on 10 Jun 2020

Hi there :)

My husband, our two young sons and I are considering a move to Canada next year. I currently have the great privilege of working part time as a communications professional and being able to fit my hours around the kids' schooling. I wondered whether this is achievable in Canada too, i.e. are there many professional-level part-time roles available? The job sites would imply not but it would be great to hear from some expats in Canada about what it's actually like and how the work culture is :)

Thanks in advance!

Claire on 11 Jun 2020 - 08:34

Hello KateD,

Thanks for sharing your question about Canada. I hope that someone on this forum can get in touch.

Have you looked at the Expat Arrivals guide for Working in Canada? You will find some useful tips on the job market and finding a job there, but if you're interested you can also read some of our interviews with expats in Canada who have shared their experiences in the past of finding work. Many of them write their own blogs too and can be contacted. Have you considered going through a relocation company before?

Moving with a family to any country could be challenging, but I'm sure you can find a job and school to suit your needs. Do you already have a particular area/city in Canada that you're thinking of moving to and have you looked into schooling options yet?

Hope this helps,



KateD on 14 Jun 2020 - 06:47

Thanks Claire! I will look at the guide and interviews :) we are hoping to move to Halifax.

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