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Posted by Dbwl
on 13 Jun 2017
Hello, We could use some help/advice. We need to very quickly find a place to live in Pardubice near the University. We have the option of living in university housing but they just sent photos and looks like it's really just a small dorm room(one with a bathroom and "kitchen"). Since I'm 50 and my husband is in his 40s, living in a dorm is kind of a last resort. Do any of you have any advice of neighborhoods that are decent. Anyone know of any good agencies that can help us rent? Also, any thoughts on being able to do a decent short term rental anywhere while we look? And do most places rent including utilities or is that separate? We are in the U.S. and don't have the time or money to hop on a plane to look around. The job starts Sept 1st, so we need to get this squared away quickly because we need to finish up with the visas. We're trying really hard not to freak out. Thanks in advance for any help! David
Brett Martindale on 14 Jun 2017 - 11:32
Hi David,

Having had a quick look around, I think you should visit Sreality. It's the leading property site in the Czech Republic and on my first search, I found a fair number of options in the Pardubice region for 1 bedroom apartments. There are customisable search options (furnished vs unfurnished, location, type etc.) to make browsing a breeze.

If I may ask, what is your budget for rent and transport? The going rate seems to be anything from CZK 5,500 to the more expensive options that go up to CZK 10,000/15,000. The listings are quite informative and also have a feature that allows you to see when they were last updated. I always find that to be useful.

Real Hit also seem to have a good 50 or so listings. So that's quite promising! However, the descriptions are often in Czech. But there is enough english information and pictures for you to make a decisionl, I think. The response email is also in an english template. So it doesn't seem like language would be too much of an issue in communication. Bez Realitky, on the hand, has a decent number of listings but you do have to translate the pages with some often weird results.

For short term lets, have you looked up Airbnb? I think that could come in handy!

In terms of suburbs and localities, the towns of Dašice, Sezemice and Přelouč are all within 20 km of Pardubice. From your basic knowledge, I'm sure you are aware that the city itself is fairly small so public transport or driving a rental car should not prove to be too much of a hassle.

Hope this all works out for you.

Dbwl on 14 Jun 2017 - 12:28
Thanks Brett, We really appreciate the info. Looks like Sreality has some good options. We've inquired about a few through them. And with all the stress, we didn't have the brain power to think of google translate with other sites. Though we plan to live walking distance to the university (if possible) it's very helpful to know about the suburbs. For airbnb, in case we needed to stay somewhere for a week or two, I actually found a very small place that seems to be right upstairs from an apartment we are inquiring about long term. Wouldn't that be convenient. Thanks again for your help. David

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