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Posted by MichaelAlbert
on 10 Jun 2016
I am considering whether I should send my daughters to summer schools. They have 3-month-vacation and I'm too busy to take care of them. Does anyone here have some information about the summer courses? I want a course that provides more outdoor activities or something around than academic lessons. p/s: I'm living in HCMC - Vietnam. I've just come here 6 months ago. Cheers
Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Jun 2016 - 05:55
Summer course? Great idea, it's a good way to improve children's social skills and boost both their personal development.
RalfSchulmann on 12 Jun 2016 - 06:17
There're so many international schools in Viet Nam which have summer courses for children. You can google it.
Rosie Bernal on 12 Jun 2016 - 07:40
I'm looking for summer course for my son too. He's quite shy and (somehow) conservative. I think summer course's fantastic idea for my boy.
Gary Fee on 12 Jun 2016 - 07:59
I suggest some courses with great benefits from EIS, SSIS or AIS. Check out 3 schools for futher info, dear!
Carl Ellving on 12 Jun 2016 - 08:03
Well, I think that balance between studying and playing is a good idea since our kids are too young to just study all day. It's really stressful!
Wayne Chan on 12 Jun 2016 - 08:37
Yes, cant agree more with your comment. My son did have a great time with the summer courses in EIS. He told me that he had learnt a lot but was not bored or tired. He made more friends who are his best friends now. Seeing them grow up together makes me very proud. He kept talking about summer course at EIS till now. Unfortunately this summer we will be traveling most of the time so he cannot join summer school there.
Kayla Szendre on 12 Jun 2016 - 08:42
Last year my girl went to a summer course in EIS. They provided different topic for each week, I don’t know if there's any change this year. Look for more info at the EIS HCM website. Hope this's useful for you.
Kayla Szendre on 12 Jun 2016 - 08:42
Check this out
Wael Sam on 13 Jun 2016 - 01:00
Scholarship is not only good in finance (parents thank for that however lol), but also a good chance to expose more when applying to colleges, good ones. A student has a better chance to be granted a scholarship in college if he/she was granted a scholarship in high school. A scholarship from an IB World School, like EIS or ISHCMC will be a good ticket
anhttk1611 on 17 Jun 2016 - 11:15
How about swimming class ^-^
Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Jun 2016 - 08:14
International schools may have some scholarships that can help your child to show off his talent
Anonymous (not verified) on 28 Jun 2016 - 08:15
I think EIS School may have some scholarship for your child dear
Anonymous (not verified) on 25 Jul 2016 - 11:25
I think camping programs from international schools are awesome. Your daughters can play and learn lots of things through difficult missions, interesting activities, like honesty, persistence, or how to make friends, what teamwork spirit is, how to lead a group...
Anonymous (not verified) on 1 Aug 2016 - 06:22
How about Dancing class? Dancing, Craft activities, singing... My niece is studying dance camp at Dancenter D.2 during this summer. She loves it. :D

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