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Posted by tamcoe
on 28 Sep 2015
I am a single mother. My son's dad passed away in May. I am in the process of making arrangements for myself and 2 sons to move to Thailand, Chiang Mai, to teach English. What I would like to know, my eldest son has 2 years left of high school. Would it be better if I wait until he has completed high school, or if taking that step to move would be more beneficial for him? I want to do what's best for my boys, which I do feel moving to Thailand would give my boys more or better opportunities than what South Africa can offer. My youngest who is 11, he just goes with the flow, and showing him pictures of where we would be living and telling him about the culture he is very excited. My concern is my eldest. He is in 2 minds. He wants to go, but also all his friends and family are here.
Shantalie on 28 Sep 2015 - 15:15
Thats great. Hopefully, those forums will help you connect with other expat parents who have experienced similar challenges. 

I've also posted shared your question on our Facebook and Twitter pages so I hope we'll get some responses there as well. 

Do you have any further questions regarding relocating to Thailand?


Shantalie on 28 Sep 2015 - 11:25
Hi Tamcoe,

So the move to Thailand will be a pretty big change for them. 

Did you find the article useful? Have you joined any expat forums and connected with others living in Chang Mai?


tamcoe on 28 Sep 2015 - 12:23
Hi Shantalie Yes thank you. The article was very helpful. I have joined expat groups to get a feel of what to expect. Thanks Tamcoe
Shantalie on 28 Sep 2015 - 10:16
Hi Tamcoe,

The prospect of moving overseas can be both exciting and daunting for children. I wouldn't say there is ever a best time. When they are young, it will obviously have less impact on their education but then when they are older they'll be able to appreciate the experience more.

Ultimatley, it will be a decision that you'll have to make together with your son. Obviously, his education will be a prioraty and you'll have to look at international schooling options which'll offer the least distruption to his studies. International school fees in Thailand are very high and your best choice of options will be in Bangkok.

We have an excellent article here that I think you'll find useful : Preparing your kids for living abroad

Have either of your kids every lived abroad before? Are they used to travelling and experiencing new cultures?


tamcoe on 28 Sep 2015 - 10:57
Hi Shantalie Thank you for your response. I have been doing some extensive research and readings on moving abroad with children. I have also been researching the international schools best suited for my children. None of them have travelled abroad so this would be their first experience. Thanks again Tamcoe
Myblid on 14 Nov 2017 - 02:48
Hello, I am planning to move with my children, I am a little afraid to, have you ever regret ? thanks
tracyroome@yah… on 29 Aug 2019 - 11:41

Hi there.


I have just read your post and am wondering what plans did you make or what educational prospects were available for your eldest child as I am in a similar situation.

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