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on 27 Jan 2015
Hi I am moving to stockholm in 2 months. I have 6 yr old thins in their year 1. Could you please suggest some good locations to rent based on the below criteria? 1. Prefer living in safe side of city centre in a spacious apartment. Budget circa 2000 dollars. How big are the apartments in square metres in that budget 2. Very close to American or British international school. Preferably walking distance 3. Very close to or in city accessible to public transport, nightlife, culture etc (Am I asking too much :) )
valentinagiglio (not verified) on 3 Feb 2015 - 15:20
Hi there! if you are moving to another country and you are looking for an accommodation, have a look on ! it's a new platform where you can put your announcement either if you are looking for a room or if you are renting it.. is nice because you get in contact with people, and if you complete your profile it finds people with the same interest and hobbies of you.. so it could be a nice way to start having friends in a new city! here's a video of it: Enjoy it!
Shantalie on 30 Jan 2015 - 10:37
Hey twinfun,

Bromma is a good choice of area as it is close to the main international schools and the apartments there are said to be decent.

Check out the Areas and Suburbs of Stockholm page for more information. 

Good luck


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