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Posted by Sophie86
on 14 Mar 2017

Good Morning,
I am looking to move from the U.K. To Cyprus. I am moving alone with my 2 dogs and am looking for information about working and the life style.
I have worked in shops for the last year, before that in administrations and also a qualified hair stylist. I also speak fluent French. Is it hard to find work? And what visa do you need to live and work in Cyprus?
Thank you

iulianacelik on 28 Jan 2019 - 19:36

I’m thinking about making the move too. Also single with a dog. I’m a EU citizen and US citizen, so staying there I guess should not be a problem for me. If you’re a UK citizen, you won’t need a visa to work. Then again, UK is exiting the EU, so not sure how that affects you down the road. 

Murtala1 on 13 Aug 2019 - 17:02

Please, I need to know if I can get medical job in Cyprus  my MD qualification are from Bulgaria, I graduated from Medical university varna.  So what do I need to do? Thank you.  Dr Murtala 

Rianca on 2 Sep 2019 - 11:28

Hi there,


Generally, getting a job in Cyprus has become much harder for foreigners over the years. The safest options to consider would be the hotel and hospitality sectors. Options for a more alternative lifestyle could be picking fruit on local farms or getting a job as an ESL teacher. A knowledge of the Greek language would very much count in your favour. Are you fluent in Greek or any other EU languages? For more detailed information, you could have a look at our guides page on working in Cyprus.

Have a look at visas for Cyprus for more information on the different kinds of visas that may be helpful to someone thinking of moving. Getting a work visa in Cyprus may be tricky as visa rules only apply to the south of the island due to the political situation in the country.  EU citizens can work in Cyprus without any restrictions, but all expats intending to stay longer than three months have to apply at the CRMD for a registration certificate as soon as they find a job. Are you thinking of moving to Cyprus long term or for a shorter period of time?

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