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Posted by Worm
on 8 Mar 2019


I am relocating to Cape Town with my husband and twin six year old daughters. They will be joining the Hout Bay International School. We are really torn between Constantia and Noordhoek in terms of where to live, so keen to seek some advice on pros and cons of each. 

Any advice greatly appreciated. Have heard some negatives about security on Nordhoek beach but not sure if those concerns should extend to the broader living area too? 

Many thanks in advance for any advice - greatly appreciated! 


Anonymous (not verified) on 9 Mar 2019 - 19:26
Constantia is a nice wealthy suburb, while Noordhoek is more of a beach community, and is much more remote. If you are working in Cape Town, you'll find Noordhoek too far. Noordhoek to Hout Bay takes 25-30 mins on a good run. Have you considered some of the very good private schools rather than Hout Bay International? If so, most are based in the Southern Suburbs (which Constantia is in). Although there's also St Cyprians in Town. I'm not up-to-date on security in Noordhoek, but when I was last there you certainly weren't advised to walk alone on the beach, particular as a woman. Hope that helps.
Worm on 18 Mar 2019 - 14:49

Thanks very much - much appreciated. We have looked at some of the other schools in the Southern Suburbs but prefer to do an international school if possible. We've spent quite a lot of time in Constantia in the past and have lots of friends there but am drawn to the more rural aspects of Noordhoek. 


Daniela de Castro on 11 Mar 2019 - 13:14

Hi Claire

The Hout Bay International School is an excellent choice for expat families in Cape Town. Constantia would definitely be the more convenient of the two suburbs, as the quickest route between Noordhoek and Hout Bay is a toll road and avoiding this toll will add up to 30 minutes to your school run.

You might find that your accommodation budget will go further in Noordhoek, but Constantia is generally considered a better area with access to more amenities and a shorter commute to the CBD.

Our guide to Areas and Suburbs in Cape Town has a more detailed breakdown of some other areas you might want to consider.

Best of luck!

- Daniela 


Worm on 18 Mar 2019 - 14:50

Thanks very much. We're coming down over Easter to finalise the school and look at houses so will spend some time assessing Noordhoek then. We do like Constantia. 

neil.hopwood on 11 Mar 2019 - 16:21



Noordhoek is a bit far out of the city whereas Constantia is fairly close. You will have less traffic to navigate to Hout Bay also if you live in Constantia.

If you go out in the evening a taxi to/from Constantia is not going to break the bank whereas Noordhoek much further.

There is an abundance of wine estates, bars and restaurants in Constantia but no so in Noordhoek.

However the beach in Noordhoek is amazing, property is cheaper, and if you like life a bit more "free" then its the place for you! I have never lived there (though my grandparents do) and they love it.


Worm on 18 Mar 2019 - 14:51

Thanks so much! Yes we are quite drawn to the "freedom" of Noordhoek but just want to make sure that it is safe. 

Silverking on 24 Mar 2019 - 09:55

Constantia is a much better choice, agree with the answers above...Noordhoek is great for a weekend beach day now and again...Good luck 

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