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on 29 Dec 2015
Hi all

My company is giving me an option to move to Nairobi. I have a few questions I was hoping the expat community could help answer for me. 1. How is the security situation in Nairobi? We've been based in Saudi Arabia for 7 years and we've gotten used to a very secure environment. I've heard carjackings are on the rise. Are passengers in danger during an attempt to snatch a vehicle? 2. Which residential area would be best in terms of commute to industrial area while being close to good international schools and shopping malls. Closeness to schools is more important but a smooth commute to office would be nice as well. 3. How are the compounds. I have a large family (4 kids) so need at least 3 bedroom house/apartment. Are there recreational facilities inside compounds like swimming pools and play areas for the kids. Any recommendations and contacts/website of compounds? 4. I'll probably need a 7 seater SUV, which are the popular car brands in Kenya. I can see Toyota Landcruisers are very popular but are american and european vehicles also available? 5. Is halal food easily available? 6. How is the quality of healthcare in private hospital? And which one is most recommended? 7. Are household goods expensive in Kenya including electronics? Thanks a lot!
Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Jan 2016 - 10:38
hi,jazi,life in nairobi is simple and affordable,please mail me for details.i am a dont need to worry match
Anonymous (not verified) on 7 Jan 2016 - 06:11
Hi Jazi, Why are you planning on moving to Nairobi?
Anonymous (not verified) on 4 Jan 2016 - 08:50
Hi Jazi,

Obviously life in Nairobi will be quite different from what you've become accustomed to in Saudi Arabia.

Why don't you start by checking out our Nairobi Guide. It has specific pages on accommodation in Nairobi and Safety

If you have any further questions, feel free to share them on our forum.


Anonymous (not verified) on 5 Jan 2016 - 14:44
Hi Jazi, 1) The security situation in Kenya is relatively stable depending on the time and location you are in. In cases of carjacking, it is always best to comply with the robbers demands and live to fight another day. Of course there can never be 100% assurance but all in all id say we are at a 80% safety level. Just be mindful of your sorroundings and you will be just fine. Also reffer to the housing section of this blog for better advice 2. There is some nice gated communities along mombasa road and Langata road via the bypass. Such as some 3 bedroom all ensuite apartments in Nairobi gamepark apartments. That is where most of my expatriate preffer to live due to the proximity to the gamepark, scenic locations and proximity to international schools. Traffic jams are unfortunately very common so it is best to hire a driver to take the best routes 3. As previously mentioned, Nairobi gamepark apartments is a gated community with 104 apartments on 11 blocks set on 5 acres of land with a functioning gym, swimming pool, Spa and sauna for the inhabitants. I have some units available to let there at USD. 1200.00 per month. Although if you have a flexible budget you can get 5 bedroom houses in Karen with all the ammenities you desire set on half an acre and above Prices ranging from USD 3000- USD 4000 per month 4. Kenya is predominantly a toyota country, Most popular 7 seater vehicles are Toyota Noah or even a van. I would recommend you hire one with a driver to get you around then get one for yourself as you get used to it. Toyotas are generally cheaper to lease or buy. 5. Islam is the second largest religion in Kenya and as such restaurants, supermarkets ussually stock and sell halal foods in clearly labelled packets. There are also very many Muslim brother and sisters operating businesses in Kenya and they only sell hala goods so it isn't a problem. 6. There are very good private hospitals in the area such as Agah Khan, MP shah, Even Nairobi national hospital has a very nice private wing that could assist you greatly. 7. It all depends on where you shop for the household goods and electronics and the brands you preffer. If you buy local brands and buy locally popular electronics and avoid the major malls you should find it very cheap. All in all 9/10 of all expatriates i have come across fall in love with the country and are sad to leave. I am sure you will love it too. I can be reached via Email on or via phone on +254 723 443 912 or whatsapp +254 733 398 034. I deal in Real estate with connections in the car hire business. Regards, Kevin Maina
Anonymous (not verified) on 6 Jan 2016 - 16:52
Thanks Kevin for the detailed answer. I'm really excited about the possibility of moving to Africa.
Anonymous (not verified) on 14 Mar 2016 - 07:34
The situation on security has significantly improved. We can send you specif security briefs if you pin point your specif area of Concern +254721274981

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