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on 14 Feb 2013

Hi all
I move to munich in april, the salary offer is: EUR 1200 after tax

The question is: Is this salary enough to survive comfortably in Munich.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Anonymous (not verified) on 15 Feb 2013 - 07:29
Hi Rasecth,

Luckily, Munich is one of the cheapest cities in Germany when it comes to Cost of Living. 

Most single expats would spend around EUR 400 on accommodation each month and that is likely to be your biggest expense. 

The cost of public transport in Munich is reasonable. A monthly pass will cost you around EUR 45. Also, there are many people who choose to cycle to work each day in Munich, as it is a very cyclist-friendly city.

As you will be earining less that EUR 4,000 per month you will be entitled to subsidised healthcare. Your employer will pay a portion of the cost and you will only be required to contribute 10 percent of your income. 

How much you save each month will also depend on your personal preferences and your lifestyle . I.e. whether you eat out often or save by cooking dinners at home and whether you go out to clubs and bars, etc.

Take a look at the Cost of Living in Munich page for more details on everyday expenses for those living in the city. 

Anonymous (not verified) on 22 Feb 2013 - 14:22
I really dont know where the person above got her informatin from, but i can assure you this is wrong...I was born and grew up in Munich and the cost of living is one of the highest in Germany ! 1.200 euro after tax is not much lie, you can find a lot of great restaurants with chepa food, but to live chep in Munich is almost impossoble, unless you want to live in a shack outside the city... For example a regular, 2 bedroom apartment (about 60suare meters) 10 minytes from the city center (by subway) in a middle class area costs 1.200 mom is paying that for her appartment. Most singles in Munich pay almost a full paycheck for their rent. HOWEVER< Munich is also one of the most beautiful cities. You will have lots of fun there! If you need more Info on Munich, dont hesitate to contact me, you can send me your email adress.
Anonymous (not verified) on 12 Apr 2013 - 10:14
my son has just been offered a job in Munich and obviously we need to know the cost of living there before he accepts the job he has been offered 46,000 euro's but needs to find a place to live what do you advise

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