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on 2 Jul 2014
We are trying to make the move to Mallorca but having a difficult time getting sorted, what first seemed fun, now seems stressful, it it worth it in the end? We want to keep at it, but it's taking us much more time than we thought, finding the house of our dreams seemed like something simple, and fun, which actually when you are ready to buy, is something selective, tricky, time and money consuming!!
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Jul 2014 - 08:29
Hi there

Moving to another country can often be stressful and time consuming, but the more informed you are, the better decisions you'll make, and the more likely it is that the end result will be worth it.

We have a great article on the process of moving overseas, what is required and the best way to manage your move, called Expat Check List - Tips for planning your relocation

We've also just finished updating our guide to Spain, which starts with Moving to Spain. There is also an Accommodation in Spain page which gives advice on finding real estate to suit your needs.

Good luck!


Anonymous (not verified) on 2 Jul 2014 - 16:39
Hi Alex, sorry to hear things are stressful, but we've been there and definitely know what you mean. After a long and hard think we decided that relocating to Mallorca was something that we really always wanted to do as a family, so why wait longer in life when you can live your dream now. We started our journey, our new adventure, wanting to do all the different aspects of making the move properly. Finding our home was of course major priority, which at first seemed like something we would all really enjoy. After several visits, hotel and other costs, meeting with a large number of estate agencies and viewing a lot of properties that we didn't like much at all, we slowly started to give up. We wanted our new home to be at least as good, preferably better than were we were living at the time. Looking for the perfect home was taking up all our time, energy and vacation savings. Finding a good school for the kids that they liked was something that I personally really wanted to concentrate on, my husband really wanted to make sure that where we were going to buy property, would be a place that we could all learn to live for a long time. It had to be a place where we felt connected and could build a life. Because of this he's priority was scanning the entire Island from bottom to top, just making sure that the place we have been coming so regularly year after year, was in fact really the best. We were visiting every town and region to make sure we knew what we were looking for. You can imagine the exhaustion! After almost a year, we were still nowhere trying to organize this from home, then we heard about the comforts of having a home hunter. They do the search for you, they do the meetings for you, they do the viewings for you. They get their hands on extensive information about particular properties we wanted to know more about, so we could just read their detailed reviews with everything we needed to know. There was a beautiful property that we liked and after they viewed it for us, they informed us that road noises really killed the bus of the location, would that bother us? I knew for a fact that my husband would get completely annoyed by ongoing traffic sounds from the garden, so that had actually already saved us a trip to Mallorca. We have been able to concentrate on the other things of our move, whilst enjoying the process of finding our dream home, just blissfully reading through documents that are personalized and put together especially for us, and all free of charge. Why anyone would ever buy a property without Patrick & his team at Byrd-Boone is a mystery to me. I hope this story has helped you a little bit, and I am sure that if you get in touch with Patrick & his team, they would gladly help you continue the house search. -Robin :)
Anonymous (not verified) on 3 Jul 2014 - 15:46
Moving even if not overseas is always a stressful experience, as Xavier said. I am up to a move once again, and I requested help in several forums and communities. I recommend that you check others like the move channel as well, as there are many useful tips on the web that will help you make your move that needed bit easier.

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