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on 22 Jul 2014
Hello, I am a British citizen thinking of staying in Miami for a while, for around 6 months as i have been there before and love it! I have been researching Miami and i believe i can stay in Miami for up to 90 days through the Visa waiver programme. But i have been looking at renting an apartment and it seems hard to find somewhere to rent for just 3 months! I would preferably like to go to Miami for 6 months or more and get a job but i need some clarification, do i need to be sponsored by a employer before i can get a working visa? I have been trying to look for jobs over there but reading reviews it seems i am unlikely to get sponsored as it is expensive for the employers! Does anyone know any businesses in Miami which sponsor people? I have tones of experience in customer service, Housing and am bilingual (French). If it is unlikely that i will be able to get a working visa does anyone know any trust worthy companies who do rentals for 3 months? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Nil
Shantalie on 23 Jul 2014 - 09:53
Hi Niludem,

You can find our more about the job market in the city by checking out the Working in Miami page.The tourism industry is booming in Miami, so maybe your French language skills will be an advantage there.

You will need to get a sponsor or have a green card, through the lottery is you want to work in Miami. Read the Work Permits in the USA page to get more details on the application process.



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