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on 16 Jan 2013

Hi, Currently I am planning to move to Miami with my husband and my children (8 years old and 3 years old). I have been to some states in USA but not to Florida/Miami, so I have no idea at all about the place. I'll appreciate hearing about your experiences of expat life in Miami on: * area that is good for family with young children * recommended school * monthly cost of accomodation, utilities, transportation, etc. * Job opportunity for my husband (non spanish speaker) * any other information that I should know about Miami Your inputs are valuable for me & my family. Thank you.

Catherine on 16 Jan 2013 - 13:18
Hi DiTa, we have a comprehensive expat guide for Miami, which includes information about the different areas and suburbs in the city, the cost of living, lifestyle, education and schools and much, much more, so I suggest you have a read through it.

Good luck with your relocation!
EmmanuelleJ on 14 Mar 2019 - 22:27

Miami is a very cosmopolitan city therefore very welcoming. Everyone is from somewhere else and can relate to being new in town:) Choosing your neighborhood will depend on your job location or desired school for your children. The cost of living in Miami has risen in the last years as housing prices have gone up, not wages. The city is going through a huge expansion and new neighborhoods are appearing, like Wynwood or the Design District. With attractive fiscal incentives, it is attracting foreign investors and companies of various sectors other than tourism. Spanish is the first language here, you can do without it but better with it:) Living here is living where you vacation, the beautiful beaches become your weekend destination.

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