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Posted by jffa
on 26 Feb 2018

We are relocating to Dublin in the months to come and our future location of work will be in District 4.

Before choosing a place to live we would like to check if there are any good primary schools private or public in that area? (son of 4 years) Any catholic school (public or private) with good reputation ?

As well what would be the best area to live in District 4 for a family: supermarkets, parks for the children? We are looking for a three bedroom flat unfurnished. How much would it cost?

Thanks a lot!

Kyle de Villiers on 1 Mar 2018 - 12:15
Hi JF,

Choosing a new school is difficult, but thankfully Ireland is known to have high education standards for both public and private schools. 

It's important to find a school before you arrive in Dublin, as some schools might have long waiting lists. The curriculums in Dublin might also be different to what he might be used to. What country are you travelling from?

This Expat Arrivals page has a list of highly reputed International schools in Dublin

The cost of living in Dublin is quite high. District 4 can be a particularly pricey area. It's best to contact housing and apartment agencies directly to get an idea about housing costs. You should be able to find them easily online.  

This Expat Arrivals page might give some insight into the different areas and suburbs in Dublin

I hope some of this helped.


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